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ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC is in compliance with UAE

ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC. is an independent provider of personalized investment management solutions. We work closely with our clients to help realize and secure their financial objectives with more certainty and greater control.


ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC.�s strength rests on its ability to manage multiple asset classes ranging from equities, bonds, commodities and structured product. ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC�s flagship product is Cayman based, ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC Balanced Fund, a Multi -asset class structure which invests in global equities, fixed income and commodities. The fund is an open-ended multi-asset portfolio pursuing absolute capital appreciation strategy with balanced risk profile.

With our talented team of experienced professionals and institutional partner network, ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC offers professional business advise and strategy on how to grow your business. This is achieved by addressing our client�s current and future financial objectives and working with them to realize their dreams.



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