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ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC. is an investment company, Located in Abu Dhabi UAE. One of the region´┐Żs strongest economies. ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC. aims to build an attractive returns in both regional and international markets for shareholders across the globe through value oriented partnerships.

ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC. has successfully built a sustainable business group equipped to deliver growth and long-term value to its shareholders.

ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC. is proud to have sustained alot of companies but small scale and large scale businesses in Abu Dhabi UAE and across the globe. We achieve this by making it alot easy for our costumers to access loan and very flexible to payback. Our platform is one of the best in the world. ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC. continues to expand its branches to other countries.

We see enormous scope for growth and will continue to develop and fine tune our asset mix, allocating resources to the most promising areas for expansion, while organizing our activities and operations around our core strengths. We continue to build on our strong partnerships, with investors, joint venture partners and potential strategic investors.

Thank you for choosing ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC.

H.R.H Dr Jacques Boutet


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