Our Board


ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC�s Board of Directors is comprised of some of the most distinguished public and private sector business leaders.

H.R.H Dr Jacques Boutet
H.R.H Dr Jacques Boutet is the Chairman/CEO of ZAHRAT Commercial BROKERS LLC.

Mr Gani Nizam
Vice Chairman

Mr Lofquist Nikolaj
Head of Capital Market / Managing Director

Ms Kanono Mathapelo Germina
Human Resource Manager, Director of Corporate Communications

Mr Szkulik Blazej Marian
Director / Head of Project Review Panel

Mr Sharma Kunal
Director of Loan and Investments

Mr Ephraim Kurlz
Chief Operating Officer

Mr Anthony Jacobs
Chief Financial Officer

Dr Peter Wahes
Head of Capital Market

Engineer Osman Kaizer
Head of Business Analysis and Management



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